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About Us

About Us


Headquartered at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum.
A 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Florida in May 1967.

History & Mission

Founded in 1967 the mission of the National Association of Chief of Police is to support and promote the law enforcement profession. The organization has a multifaceted program service effort including the following:

  • To maintain and perpetuate the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum for the purpose of honoring those officers who have died in the line of duty in the United States of America and its territories and possessions and to house a museum of aw enforcement artifacts for public display to promote the law enforcement profession and help develop the publics understanding of the day to day challenges faced by law enforcement professionals.
  • To educate and promote the annual observance of Peace Officers Week and May 15th, Peace Officers’ Memorial Day to the general public through activities and sponsored programs.
  • To offer assistance to officers and their families who have been disabled in the line of duty.
  • To encourage through the leadership of personnel who hold a command law enforcement or security position within the United States and her
    territories and possessions educational activities and services to upgrade law enforcement and security on a professional level.
  • To publish, distribute and print materials that are relative to law enforcement history, training and services and research material based on
    studies which may be funded by the organization.
  • To hold meetings and sponsor seminars and conferences for the purpose of education and upgrading those who may supervise agencies in
    law enforcement at the federal, state, county and local levels as well as private security, as needed.
  • To encourage citizen support for law enforcement and for the nations first law enforcement memorial and museum and for honoring those
    men and women who serve and protect in the community on all levels of government.
  • To help fund or provide resources to law enforcement agencies for crime prevention and/or crime deterrent programs or services for which
    funds or resources are not readily available to the agency. Examples include: police K9’s, K-9 program related expenses, community oriented
    gun safety programs, children’s safety education.
  • To operate a gun range at which police departments and officers and the public can safely participate in firearm education, training, skill
    development, recreation and competition and at which the public can develop a better understanding of the firearm competencies required
    of police officers.

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The Chief of Police Magazine

As the official publication of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, The Chief of Police Magazine publishes articles that most concern American command ranking law enforcement officers. This quarterly magazine covers a wide range of topics written largely by seasoned professionals currently employed in the field with the goal of enhancing and advancing American law enforcement. Members with something important to say are invited to submit articles to share with departments across the country.

National Awards Program

Mission Recognition: Improving Officer Morale- The American Police Hall of Fame National Awards
Program was started more then 40 years ago to fill the void of recognition for worthy American law enforcement officers. The vast majority of recognition law enforcement officers receive is negative press in the local news. It is not often that their good deeds get noticed and are rarely mentioned. An awards program counteracts this skewed public image and can have long reaching effects. Awards are the best way to make the officer aware that he/she is appreciated and a valuable asset to American society.

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