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PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS Unique to Law Enforcement

Preface The below off-duty firearms carry survey, though not comprehensive, provides a window into the thinking of major police agencies including American federal, county and city plus the positions of two foreign national agencies. The subject

Pot Shots – Summer 2023

For more than 25 years, this column was written by a man who had forgotten more about firearms than I will ever know, a man who was a glider pilot who flew into France in 1944,

Museum News – Summer 2023

Our annual Police Officer Memorial Day observance took place at dusk on May 19. The weather was lovely with slightly overcast skies and a nice breeze. There were over 220 family survivors in attendance, along with

Museum Display

Counterfeiting money, an age-old crime, has a long and notorious history. In certain periods of early history, it was deemed an act of treason, carrying the penalty of death. During the Civil War, around 1,600 state

Letters to the Editor

Dear NACOP,Please share the presentation of The Honor Award for Public Service that was presented to Timothy Fitch on April 25 at a breakfast forum at CNB St. Louis Bank with 80 people in attendance. Mr.


The Virginia sun is beginning to rise. It’s 6 a.m. and the temperature is dropping. The upper layers of atmosphere are quickly blending with the lower areas, causing a drop in temperature. We are at an


I Pledge Allegiance I, me personally, promise as an oath of loyalty, duty, devotion to the Flag of the United States of America, The symbol and the representation of the United States of America, and to

21st Century American Policing Demands Ethical Leadership

Indisputably, these are remarkably challenging times for policing, and the eyes not only of the nation, but of the world are upon us. Let us reflect on issues, provide solutions and enhance our dedication to lives

Police Chief – City of Waite Park, MN

The City of Waite Park is a thriving, progressive community located in the heart of the St. Cloud, Minnesota region. While the city’s population may be just over 8,000, it serves a daytime population of 30,000.

Mindset: The Selector Switch

There is a scene in the movie “The Matrix” in which Morpheus is educating Neo on the world: “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see

Problems and Solutions Unique to Law Enforcement, Part VIII

The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rightsshall not be construed to deny or disparageothers retained by the people. U.S. Constitution, Ninth Amendment Enumeration: List of rights Certain: Fixed, settled Rights: That which a person has

America’s Armed Forces: A Special Tribute

Reawakening America LLC in Partnership with the National Association of Chiefs of Police By Vincent J. Bove This special tribute is in honor of America’s armed forces. America must eternally honor all who protect us through

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