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The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame

The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame

The Flame is more than a spectacular visual tribute (though it is most assuredly that). This stunning monument to our thin blue line is tied to something more powerful and even more enduring than granite, copper or marble. This monument is tied to the men and women of law enforcement and to their families…an abiding, unbreakable bond — and a bond we have supported and served through compassionate programs at the American Police Hall of Fame for many years.
YOUR support for the Flame does more than establish a memorial, it also shines a spotlight on the needs, service, and sacrifice of law enforcement officers and their families nationwide, even as it amplifies and builds on the services and programs administered in our own facility.

As you ponder supporting this breathtaking memorial, remember that you are building a “brick and mortar” project that will inspire even more support for the flesh and blood heroes who protect and serve this great nation.

We are seeking corporate sponsors for this project. Perhaps you work for a company that has its own philanthropic foundation? Most companies prefer to give to causes that are near and dear to their employees. Let your employer know about this project! And feel free to email our development person here:

Your name and/or your company’s name could be associated with this breath-taking monument in perpetuity. And if you are seeking to honor a fallen hero, commemorate your own law enforcement career, honor a specific officer or agency, or celebrate law enforcement in general, our Walk of Heroes offers a personalized and lasting opportunity.

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