How The Means Justifying The Ends Has Become An Ethical Dilemma For Modern Policing
It was the late 1990s. My partner and I had...
In Memoriam: America’s Fallen Police Officers
As of June 30, 2021, according to preliminary data from...
America’s School Issues and Response: Coronavirus, Security, Character, Academics
As America begins a new school year, security and safety...

Inside This Issue

Problems and Solutions Unique to Law Enforcement

LEOs are those who fight to right unrightable wrongs. This is our destiny; this is our grit. If you see us comin’ better straighten up; a lotta foes didn’t and a lotta of ‘em wish they

Finding Quality Candidates: Challenges in Police Recruiting

The familiar “The police are the community and the community are the police” maxim from Sir Robert Peel has come under scrutiny in the post-COVID era. Because of anti-police and defund-the-police campaigns, along with other societal

The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame

The Flame is more than a spectacular visual tribute (though it is most assuredly that). This stunning monument to our thin blue line is tied to something more powerful and even more enduring than granite, copper or marble.

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