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Predicting The Unpredictable Mind Of An Active Shooter
It is unfortunate to admit that active shooting incidents have...
21st Century American Policing Demands Ethical Leadership
Indisputably, these are remarkably challenging times for policing, and the...
Police Suicides: Awareness, Compassion, Action
NYPD Officer Colin Patrick Rossiter. (Credit: Beyond The Badge) While...

Inside This Issue

Drones As First Responders

We are informed daily of news about the effectiveness of drones in warfare. We learn how these military drones are used for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, precision strikes, and intelligence gathering. Although it seems like drones being

How Schools and the Police can Collaborate for Effective Outcomes

Beth J. SanbornSchool Safety Coordinator, Montgomery County, PA Darren K. StockerProfessor, Criminal JusticeCape Cod Community College In the worlds of education and law enforcement, the safety and security of students are paramount concerns. One of the

The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame

The Flame is more than a spectacular visual tribute (though it is most assuredly that). This stunning monument to our thin blue line is tied to something more powerful and even more enduring than granite, copper or marble.

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