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School Violence: Toxic Personalities, Warning Signs, Countermeasures
Reawakening America LLC in Partnership with the National Association of...
America’s Active Shooter Crisis Demands Visionary Leadership
America's culture of violence is continually manifested through horrific active...

Inside This Issue

Pistolcraft for the Tactical Operator

The course titled “Pistolcraft for the Tactical Operator” is a short four-to-six-hour (depending on the number of people in attendance) firearms training segment presented at the annual SWAT academy hosted by the South Suburban Emergency Response Team

Safeguarding America’s Protectors: A Community Responsibility

It has been my privilege to address law enforcement agencies through published works in The Chief of Police for 13 years, and audiences nationwide for more than 20 years. These initiatives have addressed issues, including ethical policing,

The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame

The Flame is more than a spectacular visual tribute (though it is most assuredly that). This stunning monument to our thin blue line is tied to something more powerful and even more enduring than granite, copper or marble.

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