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Letters to the Editor

Spring 2022

Letters to the Editor

NACOP Gift Program A Fun Surprise


Hello, thank you so much for my presents! I am about to play the IQ Link game, and I can’t wait to start making the off-road rover car! This was such a fun surprise, thank you so much!

Vinnie P.

Pacifica, CA


Here are some photos of my daughters Bella and Kennedy opening their gifts they received from NACOP’s Gift Program. Thank you for all you do! 

Ian S. 
Oshkosh, WI

NACOP Summer Camp Program Inspires Community Involvement


Thank you for the grant, which made it possible for me to attend National 4-H Congress. I appreciate your contribution and you made it possible for me to attend this fun, educational and inspirational event. At
National 4-H Congress, I got to hear about ways youth can make a difference in their communities, and I was inspired to see how you can make a difference. I was also able to meet youth from across the country who shared the same interests I do. I had a wonderful time, which would not have been possible without you. 

Thanks again!

Caleigh B.
Attleboro, MA

Recognition Through NACOP’s Award Program


We would like to share a recent award presentation at the Ash Grove, Missouri City Council Meeting for Officer Matthew Adkins, Officer Andrew Benjamin as well as Ash Grove citizen Charles Jackson Jones. We appreciate the recognition you have given our friends and colleagues. Thank you for helping us show our appreciation for them and for preserving that recognition at the Hall of Fame. 

Officer Matthew Adkins (center) received the Law Enforcement Purple Heart for serious injuries he sustained while in foot pursuit of a subject in May of 2021. Officer Adkins suffered a compound fracture of his left arm. 

Officer Andrew Benjamin (center) was awarded the Life Saving Award for his prompt and determined actions when he performed CPR on an unconscious male who had collapsed after working outside. The man survived the event. Officer Benjamin is pictured here with Chief Darrin Chance (right) and Sgt. Robert Bell.

Charles “Jackson” Jones (blue shirt) is seen with Officer Andrew Benjamin (second from right), having received their Life Saving Awards for their teamwork and determination in performing CPR on a man who had collapsed after working outside. Their actions resulted in the man surviving. The awards were presented by Chief Darrin Chance (far right) and Sgt. Robert Bell. 

Sergeant Robert Bell
Ash Grove Police Ash Grove, MO


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