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Museum Notes – Spring 2022

Museum Notes – Spring 2022

Tourism to the Space Coast of Florida was very strong during the first quarter of 2022 with museum attendance well ahead of pre-COVID numbers! We have been focused on enhancing the visitor experience at the Hall of Fame by providing extensive docent training and by improving and honing our monthly topics of interest. These enhancements have been very well received. 

Design and engineering are continuing on our tribute project — The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame — that will properly honor all members of the law enforcement family from the past, present and future. We are excited to do something very special that properly portrays the amazing, dedicated law enforcement officers who have served, now serve and will serve their critical role that provides and supports a safe and orderly society.  The height of the flame has increased to 120 feet, and it will be an awesome statement in support of law enforcement!

Planning is underway for remainder of the adjoining land and for a re-imagined Hall of Fame. These modifications will dramatically change what guests coming to the American Police Hall of Fame may enjoy, and it will be a nice asset for the businesses and municipalities near our facility. We hope to be able to release more details soon!  Please give a warm and sincere thank you to the law enforcement officers in your community every time you have a chance. You’ll be glad you did.


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